Revising Activities for Children

It can become quite boring for children when you as their teachers tell them to revise their work. They can sometimes develop an attachment to a particular sentence or a paragraph and might not be able to see the obvious mistakes, typos or grammatical errors. You must inculcate a sense of revision as a means to improve their work and their grades. There can be many creative techniques you can use which will keep the students motivated enough to revise their work. These can range from revising the work after a break to encouraging students to check each other’s work anonymously. Let’s discuss a few methods here.


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    Give them a break

    Telling the students to revise their work as soon as they are done with it can be really boring from their point of view. Give them a break when they do their work. Engage their mind somewhere else and then tell them to go back to their notebooks and revise their work. This will ensure they have a free mind and will enable them to revise their work properly.

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    Anonymous checking

    Encouraging students to check each other’s work can be a good way of finding out the mistakes. Children can sometimes overlook their mistakes even if they read their work twice or thrice. If someone else reads it, he/she can locate the problem areas much more quickly. However, in order to ensure the students’ feelings are not hurt, assign the notebooks a secret code instead of names and then have them check each other’s work. This will help you in grading and will teach the students how to revise well.

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    Summarising their work

    It can be an effective technique if you tell the students to summarise their work in half the original length. This will teach them to revisit their work with more caution and will really test their brains. This technique will also iron out any flaws in their original work.

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    Ask questions from children from the work they have submitted. This will ensure they look for the answers in the text and will revisit it with new enthusiasm. Do this exercise as a revision technique and will surely have them read their texts with more attention. Another exercise that you can inculcate in this is to have them do a vocabulary quiz. Ask spellings, grammar points, verb patterns from the work they do. You can also choose to make it a thematic quiz and have the students dressed up in a special way. This will really get them involved in the process and they will be more than willing to take the quiz.

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