How to Teach Children to Be Kind

Being a parent can be a very touching and emotionally rewarding experience. However, parenthood also comes with great responsibility and requires considerable effort. Having given birth to a child, the parents are responsible for its upbringing, both physically and mentally.

Merely providing for a child’s physical needs is not enough. As a parent, you need to inculcate in your child a good moral sense and the ability to distinguish between right and wrong. Sending a child to school for education does not mean your job is done. The child’s behavior, pattern of thinking and attitude with others will be heavily influenced by your teachings.

Alongside being good at school and games, your child needs to learn to be kind to others. The importance of this characteristic cannot be stressed enough, and laying the foundation for it during childhood will ensure that you raise a child who will contribute positively to society.


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    Teach your children to make a connection with God

    The biggest motivation to be kind towards others is the feeling of pleasing God. You must teach your children to pray since a very early age. God wants us to be kind to each other, irrespective of race, gender or social status. If you are successful in helping your children establish a strong connection with their creator, half of your job is done and you will not have to keep an eye on the kids all the time.

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    Praise your child’s good behaviour

    Whenever your child is helpful or kind towards others, do not hesitate to praise his/her gesture, as it will be a great motivation for them to show such behaviour in future as well. You can even buy your child a candy or a sweet whenever he/she behaves nicely with others.

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    Discourage making fun of others

    You must discourage your children from making fun of others or being rude. They must know how to respect everyone, regardless of age or relation and should be encouraged to do so.

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    Value of apology

    Teach your children the value of an apology and that there is nothing wrong in admitting your fault. Your children must be reminded every now and then that they should expect others to be kind with them only when they are kind to others.

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