How to Teach Children to Tell the Time to Completion

Telling time on an analog clock is a very important skill a kid in the kindergarten should know about before he can progress to the next class. A number of students find this practice very challenging and difficult. To make the learning process easier, involves children in games that are enjoyable for children and can teach them as well. Therefore, there are several ways to tell kids to tell the time.


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    Clocks and timings

    Tell kids to assume that they are clocks. Then say different times and urge them to position themselves as they were a clock. Make this a knockout competition and remove the students who cannot do the activity right. At the end of this, you will get a survivor who has won the game.

    The differences between a.m and p.m help students differentiate between the two and improve their understanding of the concepts. Create a big clock out of a poster board and place in front of the children. On the other hand, you can also use a clock with hands that can move from one place to another.

    Ask the kids to write a.m and p.m on either side of the paper. Put up hand drawn or magazine pictures of several activities that someone would normally do in the day. Then tell them to show the time of day the activity would typically occur. For example, show up a picture of a person in bed with the moon displaying in the window, and the children should put up the p.m sign.

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    Creating clock from paper

    Help kids in making a clock out of a paper brad and paper plate. When the clocks are made, the teacher need to shout a particular time and children should set the paper plate clocks accordingly to show the time suggested by the tutor. If the right time is displayed by the children, then they have learned to state the time correctly.

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    Class clock

    Tell a dozen kids to sit in a circle and give every kid a number one through 12. They will be the numbers on the class clock. You can ask them to note their numbers on a paper to show when displayed. Assign two more kids to become the hands of the clock. These children will lie with their feet or heads together at the center point. The teacher will tell them a time to show and they will have to display this on the human class clock.

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