How to Help a Child With Add Study

Many children suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Such kids find it extremely hard to keep their attention focussed, organize tasks and attending to any kind of detail. This deficiency makes study immensely challenging because education can become a huge burden if you are not able to concentrate properly. In such cases, parents have to give additional time to their kid(s) and be more involved in his or her homework. In order to make sure that you child completes the homework, you will have to adopt a number of strategies until you find the one that works best for you and your child.


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    Ask the teacher

    If your child is suffering from ADD, it is imperative for you to have regular discussions with his or her teacher. If you go to pick your child from school yourself, you should ask the teacher if your child has written down all the assignments in the planner or the assignment book. Request the teacher to check the assignment book daily and sign it.

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    Take your child on board

    It is important to give appropriate importance to your child’s preferences and points of view. While making a schedule for your child’s regular study and homework, you need to collaborate with him or her and set up a time that suits your kid. You must keep in mind that it is extremely hard for your child to concentrate for long periods; therefore, you must break his or her time of study into two or three halves.

    You can take a print out of the schedule and place it on a wall in your child’s room, so that he or she is mentally prepared about the study timing.

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    Fun personal study area

    If your child is suffering from ADD, you must allow him or her to create a fun personal study area. You should ensure that it is free of sounds from television or radio. Other kind of noises or any sort of distraction should also be avoided so that you can enhance your child’s concentration powers. That area should be such that you are able to continuously supervise your kid while he or she is studying.

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    Reward your child

    If your child regularly completes his or her homework, you must reward him/her as it will enhance their interest in studies.

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    Establish a regular bedtime

    Make sure that your child takes appropriate sleep and has a regular sleeping routine, which should help him/her in studies.

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