How to Make Halloween Costumes For Newborn Babies

If this is your baby’s first Halloween then you must be excited about the costume in which your toddler will be dressed up. Though your baby is too young to understand the occasion, but every mother still wishes to have a cute and adorable costume for her little one. Buying a costume of your choice is convenient, but if you make one on your own then that would become a cherished memory. Making an infant’s Halloween costume is not as difficult as it seems; you just need to have an innovative mind and obviously the material used in the costume. Your child’s comfort level is the foremost aspect which should not be ignored and so, make sure the costume you are preparing is comfortable and fun rather than being scary and uneasy to handle. Ideas for toddlers’ Halloween costumes are shared below and if you are looking for a distinctively styled dress then go through the following guide.


  • 1

    Strawberry Costume

    The best part about this costume is that stitching is not required. A green felt and a red cloth are the two main things that are needed to dress your baby into a juicy fruit! In order to give a round shape to this strawberry, fill the suit with clean socks.

  • 2

    Dragon Costume

    Do not get alarmed; your baby will not end up with a scary look. Rather, this costume will give your child an adorable look. The best part is that this costume is suited for winters - keeping your baby warm.

  • 3

    Sheep Costume

    This costume will turn your bundle of joy into a cuddly sheep. Just make sure you keep it away from foxes! The best part? Don't put in a lot of effort to make this costume. A sweat shirt and loads of cotton balls are all the things that are required in this costume's making.

  • 4

    Butterfly Costume

    This is a perfect Halloween dress for your little one who is still in his/her crawling stage. You will first have to cut a felt in the shape of butterfly wings and paste them in different designs on both sides of the wings. Attach a 20 inch long ribbon on the felt to create an arm loop. Dress your baby in a sleep sack with horizontal stripes on it.

  • 5

    Frog Costume

    Your child will definitely get excited after wearing the Kermit look (the Muppet character in Sesame street) on Halloween. After wearing this costume on Halloween, your baby will hop in to every one’s heart.

  • 6

    Lion Costume

    If letting your child hop into everyone's heart doesn't seem like a good idea, then let him/her roar his way in! This is specially true for boys since the lion look is more appropriate for them. You do not have to put much effort if a beige color jacket with a hood and a clean old styled mop is available at your home.

  • 7

    Chick costume

    If your child has a yellow color shirt and shorts, then only a white color felt is required. The baby chick look will shriek with delight. The best part is that you do not have to stitch any piece to make this adorable dress.

  • 8

    Bunny Costume

    This is another costume idea that will make your baby excited. No sewing is required in making a bunny dress for Halloween. Take a pink color felt and cut it into the shape of bunny’s ears. Glue the ears on a soft head band and make sure you do not stick big ears. Dress your baby in a pink color sleeping sack.

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