How to Enforce a Custody Order

In almost every divorce case, courts pass child custody orders or formulate a visitation agreement which is to ensure the well-being of the child. However, there can be a situation where your ex-spouse is violating these directions of the court and is not allowing you to see your kid.

Fortunately, there are many ways to put a child custody order to effect. You can make the other party through both civil and criminal litigation. By litigation, most of the people think that they will have to undergo an extended legal process which ultimately will be expensive as well.

However, you can save both time and money by keeping just few simple things in your mind.


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    Speak to your ex-spouse and express your dissatisfaction to his/her conduct. Be civilised and do suggest some solutions to resolve this issue. This is very important to bring into your partner’s knowledge that you are not comfortable with the way things going on. You can communicate through a letter or mail to have a proper record of this correspondence.

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    Sometimes, you can seek help from local police by showing them custody orders of the court. This can solve the problem without going to the court. However, you will have to keep copies of order to prove yourself a stake holder.

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    Keep records of all the violations. Note the time, date and the brief description of account. Keep this record brief and to the point as court will not have much time to listen your stories rather the judge will appreciate if you present exact facts and figures.

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    If things are not getting better through dialogues then direct your attorney to send a notice to the other party. In this letter, you will declare it an ultimate warning and mention the legal action as an option.

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    File the petition to modify the custody order. You can do it yourself by getting forms from the court but it is better to hire an attorney to handle the litigation. Request the family court judge to make changes in the previous order.

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    You can also request the judge to take action on the basis of contempt of court. For this purpose, you will have to provide concrete evidence against the other party.

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    After filing your petition, wait for the date of trial and do not miss even a single hearing. Present all the proof to prove the other party guilty.

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