Adopting a Child from India

Are you thinking of adopting a child from India but do not know where to start and who to contact in this regard? If so, you should be aware that India has long opened its doors to people who seek to adopt children. There are several programmes and organisations in India, which are working in coordination with the government. These organisations act as an intermediary between people seeking adoption and children. However accreditation from Indian government and Hague Convention is a must for any organisation to carry out the adoption process for interested individuals.


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    Get in touch with a government-appointed social worker or a social organisation. Visit CARA (Central Adoption Resource Agency) website and obtain the list of designated social workers in your country. Indian government facilitates people interested in adoption by appointing organisations and NGO’s.

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    Get all your documents or papers ready and get home study prepared. This home study is merely a brief documenting proof that you are eligible for adoption. Government-appointed social workers or an NGO can prepare a home study for you. The study will involve specific questions about yourself, your financial health and other related things. You will also be required to produce different medical tests, police clearance, bank/financial records, employment letter, etc.

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    After the social worker has reviewed your documents and all the paper is ready, you will then be issued with a summary report. The summary report will come along with an undertaking notarized by the IHC (Indian High Commission).

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    Keep on copy of both the summary report and home study, while another copy will be sent to CARA.

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    Visit CARA's website once again and search for the approved list of orphanages and children homes. These orphanages, which are also referred to as Recognised Indian Placement Agencies (RIPAs), shelter abandoned children and orphans under the patronage of the India government.

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    Now it is time to travel to India. Visit your chosen orphanage/children home (that you chose through the CARA website). If you don’t want any hassle or are having trouble finding the place, you can ask your social worker to send the files/documents to the RIPA on your behalf.

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    RIPA will get back to you in a couple of days, depending on their workload after reviewing your entire file and papers.

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    Once you get RIPA's approval, you will be offered a child, available for adoption. Now you will have to get an NOC (No Objection Certificate) from CARA and pay the adoption fee to the orphanage/RIPA.

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    Once you are issued with an NOC by CARA, you can meet the child in person. Visit the child from time to time at the orphanage until you leave for your country.

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    Lastly, you will have to go through the court process. Thanks to RIPA, the hearing in the court has been made easy as you do not have to visit the court every second day to file an application and papers. Offer the legal fees and wait for your hearing.

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    Once your court process is complete and reviewed by the law, you will be given a deed of adoption and legal approval by the court.

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