How to Potty Train a Child

Children are a blessing. They need to be taught what is right or wrong and what should be done or what should be avoided. As they learn from what happens in their surroundings, there are certain things which need to be taught to them and may require more than unusual effort. As they are not very quick learners and require time to pick certain things, one of these toughest things is to potty train a child.

Remember that there is a time for everything and in this case, you should not rush into things otherwise your child may get confused. You need to be very certain that the child has gained the pace and is ready to pick some different things, only then you should take the initiative to potty train him. If you think that the child has grown of a reasonable age and it is the right time to get rid of his pampers, then you should proceed.

Note that potty training your child can be very exhausting and difficult; therefore you should be patient and be prepared for the hard work.


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    You should be certain that this is the right time to potty train a child otherwise it would a waste of your time and effort. You do not want to make things worse, so you should be sure that your efforts will reap fruit. In order to be sure, you should look for signs as children who are ready for potty training often lower their pants in front of you.

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    After you start getting indications from your kid, you should try the nearest store and buy an extra pair of pants, a jar and a potty chair. While doing this, if your child points out at a spotty chair, you should consider buying that for him.

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    Make sure that your kid sleeps in his underpants at night and place his potty chair next to yours in the bathroom. Remember that you would have to give more time to him during this process.

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    Whenever you think suitable, make your child sit on the potty chair several times a day especially in the morning and after every meal.

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    You can also offer him a candy every time he sits on the potty chair as this will keep his interest. Let your child do whatever he wants to do as this will give him more control and confidence in doing the bathroom.

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    After he is done, wash him properly and take care of his hygiene.

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