How to Buy Bedding for Baby

Baby bedding sets are specially designed to be used by newborns. Parents purchase bed sets for their babies across the globe. If you are a new parent, you will be glad that the steps involved in choosing the best bedding set for your baby are easy. There are so many cute bed sets available in the market but it is recommended to buy one that is comfortable, safe and affordable. Consider following the procedure given to purchase the bedding set that will suit your baby.

Things Required:

– Mother and baby magazines
– Color swatches
– Baby furnishing catalogs


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    As a parent, the most important thing you would look for in a baby bed set is safety. Permanent press bed or beds that use cotton polyester should be avoided at all times as they have tendency to infect baby’s sensitive skin. Therefore if a bed is using such harmful chemicals, it should be rejected immediately. It is recommended to choose pure cotton or cotton flannel beds. Organic bedding is usually chemical free and hence it is a safer option for your baby.

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    It is also advised to avoid using bumper pads. Although they were originally designed to keep babies from getting caught in the slats, it can present a significant risk of suffocation and injury for your little one. If possible purchase the safer and breathable bumper pads which are readily available in the market. This type of bumper pads is a safer alternative to traditional pads. However, if possible avoid using bumper pads all together.

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    According to a research conducted by the American SIDS institute, soft mattresses and heavy coverings can results in infant deaths and therefore they should not be used. The organisation recommends that nothing should be used in the crib. Toys, pillows, quilts and blankets are not suitable for newborns in the crib.

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    Choose the bedding set that meets your budgetary needs. Although you will come across a lot of expensive and funky bedding set designs in supermarkets and baby stores, you should choose the one that is affordable yet safe. Remember that safety must be the first priority. If the bedding set is safe for your newborn, it does not necessarily have to look very attractive. Some bedding sets come with decorations such as lamp, curtains, pillows and diaper stacker.

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