How to Weave and Sew Baby Booties

Every parent wants that their baby’s first footwear should be beautiful and attractive enough as they also spend lots of money on them. Though there are many kinds of baby booties but if you want to sew them by yourself, you will have a great choice and full range of options of baby shoes. However, it is slightly tricky thing to sew yourself as it can be difficult. You need to take care of many things before you should sew baby booties. You can also get help from many reliable sources to learn the different ways to sew baby booties.


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    Baby booties

    Baby booties are very popular nowadays. With the passage of time baby booties are getting popular in many countries around the world. People now also prefer sewing baby booties themselves. Though there are many ways which will guide you through all the small details but still you need to know a proper way of sewing from an expert. You can find many and different kinds of institutions from which you can get sewing training and other techniques. It is also important that you know the entire process to sew good booties for babies.

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    Printing shoe pattern

    First you need to print the shoe pattern. You will find many sources which has many different kinds of shoe patterns. It is very important that you should print out the baby booties pattern first as it will make lot easier for you to sew them.

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    Cutting the pattern pieces

    Now you should cut the pattern pieces carefully. You should take care that you cut the pattern of the heel, the upper and the sole carefully. These are the initial cuttings that will form into baby booties.

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    Pin up the heel pattern

    It is important that after cutting the sole and upper pieces, you need to fold the fabric and its different layers. Pin up the heel pattern and see the single layer of fabric. The same process will apply on the second one as well.

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    Fold the heel pattern

    After folding the heel pattern, you are almost half done. Now with the help of an elastic, fold the other pattern and your baby booties are ready.

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