How to Help a Grandchild Cope with Grief

Children often get sad at small things but if something bigger has happened, then you must adopt appropriate ways in order to help them cope with grief. Parents are often considered strict as compared to grandparents. Thus, if you have a grandchild, it might not be possible for you to watch them in grief. If your grandchild is disheartened due to a loss of family, with a little effort and determination, you can easily cheer him up and explain to him other stories that would take his mind off the situation.


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    Ask him what the problem is

    Before trying to help your grandchild, it is of utmost importance that you should convince him to share his problem with you. Remember that without knowing the problem, it would be difficult for you to help him overcome the issue, thus you must enquire about it. Generally, children are more comfortable in discussing their issues with grandparents, thus you must stay confident and listen to what your grandchild has to say. It is important that you let him speak all he wants and make sure that he has discussed the problem in great detail with you and nothing is left behind.

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    Ask what he feels

    After you have asked him about the problem, you should now ask your grandchild how he feels about the problem. Note that the reason for asking this question is to put yourself in the shoes of your grandchild, so you could help him cope with his grief. You must listen carefully to what your grandchild has to say and how does he feel about the issue.

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    Tell him not to blame himself

    Due to their innocence, children often consider themselves as the root cause of bad things; therefore, you must tell your grand child that he should not blame himself for the grief. Here, you have to be persuasive as you want to talk him out of this. Remember that it is of utmost importance that you help your grandchild understand that he should not blame himself.

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    Comfort him by telling other stories

    After you have helped him understand that it was not his fault, you must comfort him by telling similar stories. Explain to him how others manage to cope with their grief and tell him that he is a strong guy, he can do that.

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