How to Remember Baby Memories Forever

Childhood is one of the fleeting period of your child’s life. The days pass so quickly without you realizing that your baby is growing up with each day. All parents want to preserve these moments, enjoy more of the cuteness and the absolute adorableness. With the rise in technology options today, we now have more ways to record these moments so that we can relive them again in the future. It is truly an amazing feeling to go back to old memories with a now grown up child and maybe even the grand children.


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    Go digital:

    Our cameras have gone digital. You can now take unlimited pictures and videos through your camera and phone. Apart from any special events like birthdays and outings, take random pictures of your baby, alone and with yourself. These everyday life pictures and videos will help in remembering all the good times that you shared with your baby. These folders can be stored in your computer or uploaded to photo software like instagram and picassa which allow you to store and edit pictures.

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    Scrap book:

    It might seem like extra effort but do take prints of some baby pictures. Make a colorful scrapbook where you record the activities of your baby. Attach a picture with the significant ones. Frame some family pictures to hang on the walls or place on the mantelpiece. Record his first words and write them down so that he can read them one day and smile. You can also create a time line for your baby , starting from his birthday to first words, crawl, walk and first day at school. Celebrate even the smallest of events. You do not have to throw a grand party for each. Just invite your loved ones and rejoice in the growth of your baby.

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    Share memories:

    Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites allow you the luxury of sharing memories with your entire friend list. Post and tweet anything special that your baby does along with pictures. They will be stored for a long time at such sites. You never know your baby might open your timeline one day and browse through the comments of the picture you posted of his nappy changing. This way more people know of the memories and can help you remember them forever.

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