How to Lower Child Support Payments

It is a no secret that some parents pay a lot of child support. For those who have just changed their place of employment or experiencing changes within the household, lowering their child support may be necessary for them. In most cases, you can get the payment lowered easily so it suits your financial needs. You do not need to hire an attorney to file the application for you. Lowering the child support is a legal process and you will have to follow the instructions provided by the local child support office to get the job done.


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    If you want to lower your monthly child support payment, consider visiting the local child support office or talk to one of the team members on the phone. Let them know that your financial circumstances have changed in recent times and you are looking to lower your child support payments. Usually, the representative will ask you to fill out a financial statement. You can pick up the statement from the office or you can ask the representative to send it to your address.

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    Find your current credit card and utility bills and attach them to the financial statement from the Child Support office. It is extremely important to submit the household bills with the financial statement as the hearing officer will use them to lower your child support payments.

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    Always keep cancelled checks and receipt of bills if you are expecting a child support hearing in the near future. Medical bills and credit or debit card bills should also be kept to improve the chances of success. For those who are living in a rented house, they should consider mentioning the monthly rent payment on the sheet as well.

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    You may be required to arrange for paternity tests if you believe the child is not yours. The parent who wants to arrange for a paternity test is usually asked to pay a $200 fee. Consider presenting all your medical and credit cards bills and other receipts along with the financial support when you show up for the child support hearing. Dress accordingly. Sometimes, people try to fool the hearing officer by dressing down to win his sympathy but this hardly works in their favour.

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