How to Donate Baby Clothes To Charity

The moment you feel your little one is growing up, your level of excitement cannot be measured in words; but with growth, your baby is also growing out of his/her clothes. Yes, the time has arrived when you will have to make space in the closet for new toddler clothes.  Keepsakes, though, help you in evoking the memories of your baby but keeping everything is an impossible act. If your baby’s clothes are donated to a charitable organization then this would definitely help a needy family. Donations do go a long way; few sell the donated items and use the money in fund services, while few might get them for their kids. Proper homework is required for preparing batches of donations; make sure you do not add damaged baby clothes because charities usually shy in accepting used items. You will have to decide and then organize clothes that are to be sent for donation. But most importantly, have you decided how and where to donate the baby clothes? If not, then this guide will help you in finding a way out of the hassle.


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    Help from Friends:

    After you make a decision to donate your baby’s clothes, the first thing that has to be done is check if there is any needy family whom you know personally - it can be someone in your social circle of friends or neighbors. Instead of contacting an unknown person, it is better if you initiate such humble cause from home. Parents who have more than one kid prefer hand-me-downs.

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    Help from Online Service

    Locate a reliable organization which is responsible for community programs and service. Try contacting your friends and family if they know any. Ensure that you track down a registered organization so that you can acquire satisfaction that your donation is actually being put to good use.  Take help from online search engines, and find if there is any community outreach program running in your area. Many organizations are desperately in search of goodwill especially baby clothing and equipment, which is why you will have to search very carefully.

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    Sort out the Clothes

    After tracking down a reputable nonprofit organization, start sorting out clothes that you intend to donate. Take all the clothes out of the closet and make separate pile of shirts, pants and shorts so that you can easily decide the giveaway items.

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    Inspect the Damaged Clothes

    Analyze each baby wear properly - whether it is damaged or dirty - because generally, no one would like to accept used and torn clothes for their children.

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    Wash the Clothes:

    Run dirty clothes through your washing machine and dry them properly, because charity organizations only agree to take clean clothes. After properly folding the clothes, make a pile and count them.

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    Packaging of the Clothes:

    Take a sturdy garbage bag and place the clothes in it. Make sure you have separate bags for male and female clothes. Label each bag with the type of clothes in it along with the age group as well.

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    Contact the Agency:

    Contact the agency you are intending to give your donation to and request them to pick the donating items from you. If the organization is located near your residence, then get an appointment and pay a visit to their office.

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    Do not Forget to Take the receipt

    Complete the required paper work and ask them to give you a receipt so that you have a record of the donation that has been made.

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