How to Keep Track of Baby

Missing of children is not something new. The problem is even more common in the developing countries, and especially in big and industrial cities. Studies have shown that in a majority of cases it is negligence of parents that results in missing of children, and even new born babies. Only solution to the problem is that do not let your children slip through hands and eyes at any moment, and if they are newly born, do not trust anyone and let them hold your baby, not for a moment.


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    Do Not Trust Anyone

    If you have a newly born baby, do not trust anyone and let them hold your baby. There are reported events that women went missing with newly born babies after being granted a request to hold them. Or else, nurse was found involved to hand over the baby a childless family after taking the baby on excuse of giving a bath or medicine. If you find anything suspicious around you, report to the police, or at least immediately tell your family members. This can help you protect your baby.

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    Do Not Leave Child Unsupervised

    Whether you are at home, doing something important in another room or outside to attend an important business, do not let your child unsupervised and alone at home. At home keep the child at a place where you see directly and check the child after every while. If you are outside, hire baby day care services and leave your child in a protected environment, while you stay away.

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    Take Care While Out

    Children are quite curious and you can often find them inspecting or investigating something around you, while you discuss something with your friend. This is more seen at shopping centers. As the parents find themselves busy checking something they want to buy, their children slip through their hands and eyes. This makes children prone to go missing.

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    Educate Your Children

    Your education counts a lot in security and safety of your children. For example, teach your children not to accept toys or gifts from anyone directly, and without informing you. Allowing children to accept gifts from anyone to everyone makes them prone to trust everyone. This can lead to their exploitation at hands of criminals and kidnappers.

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