Top 10 Reasons why Child Labor is Bad

Child labor is a very serious issue which is plaguing many countries throughout the developing world. The horrific practice of using young kids to work under very harsh conditions in menial jobs for little to no money is what defines child labor. This often occurs due to deteriorating socioeconomic conditions and a loose legal framework. The victims are always the children as they not only lose out by not getting educated but also their health and psychological growth is ruined. Here are some more reasons why child labor is bad.


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    A lot of exploitation is done as the children are doing it out of need rather than choice. They are made to work harder and longer hours in horrible conditions.

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    Lack of Opportunity

    Due to the lack of education, these children often have to resort to odd jobs for the rest of their lives. They have fewer opportunities than those who had a chance to get an education.

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    Low Wages

    The children are often underpaid due to their age even though they perform the duties that are quite similar to adults.

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    Many of these children come across various crimes at a very young age and some of them become a part of this dangerous criminal world.

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    Bad Health

    Malnourishment leads to severe health issues. Often the working environment is not hygienic and healthy for children.

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    These children come across a lot of stress at a very young age since they have to earn for their families. They are always under constant pressure from both employers and parents or family members.

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    Physical and other kinds of abuse also take place since the children are not strong enough to defend themselves and are constantly threatened.

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    Mental Issues

    These children develop a number of psychological issues because of the conditions that they have been working under. The harshness of life leaves a permanent mark in their minds.

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    Kids that have suffered from child labor are unable to seek an education and therefore have dire results for the rest of their lives.

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    Childhood Lost

    These kids end up losing their entire childhood and innocence. They are no longer able to think like children and have to bear the brunt early in their lives. The long term impact to their impressionable minds can be quite severe as they never got a real chance to grow up and enjoy their youth like other children.

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