How to Help Children Take Medicine

For parents, it can be a frustrating experience to see their child continually refuse to take medicines. However, knowing the importance, you must be willing to stretch your imagination and look at all different ways to make sure your child takes necessary medication.


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    The first method parents generally use is disguising the taste of the medicine. This can be done by mixing the medicine in a juice or flavored milk of your child’s preference. If that does not work, then you can add medicine to food, such as custard etc.

    However, you will have to crush any pills so they get dissolved easily. It is important that the child eats or drinks all of the medicine for it to be effective.

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    In other circumstances, when the medicine cannot be crushed, let your child eat his or her favourite ice-cream, food item or drink before giving the medicine. This will considerably reduce the impact of bad taste. On the contrary, you can immediately give your child a drink or flavored milk after he or she has swallowed the pill.

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    Explain the child the importance of taking medicine. Eventually they will need to take it so it is better that you don’t get carried away with the whole experience. Just ignore how the child will feel for a while and simply explain the need to take pills. Eventually, your child will get used to them and will be willing to take medicine. At this point, it is important that you give the child as much control as possible. However, make sure you supervise the medication to prevent any tricks.

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    Giving incentives may be a way to entice your child to take pills. This is the easiest method to get the child’s attention but make sure that you don’t overdo it, else the child will only take medication in return for something.

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