How to Start a Home Based Daycare

Are you planning to start a home based daycare business but have no idea where to start and how to go about creating a business plan? Most of the people who want to start a daycare business do not have prior business experience and they think that just watching someone else run a daycare successfully makes them knowledgeable enough to automatically become a successful entrepreneur themselves.

Starting a daycare business will take more than just capital and resources, as you need to know the current trends that daycare businesses are following. The demand for daycare centers is growing by the day as parents today rely more and more on professionals who can take good care of their children while they spend their time at their jobs or businesses.


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    Make a business plan

    Make a business plan that is viable and effective. Define what sort of daycare business you will be running. Mention what age groups you will be targeting as targeting all age groups is not exactly a good option at the start. Just stick to a few age groups, as this will make it easier for you to focus on getting the business off the ground. Other important things that you need to mention in your business plan typically include the number of staff and kids, latchkey programs and after-school care, overnight care, etc. The plan should also mention whether you want to operate a drop-in daycare or a part-time one.

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    Get all the required licenses

    In order to run a daycare center, you need certain daycare licensing endorsed by your state or provincial authorities. Even if it is a home based business, you will still need licenses, so make sure you obtain them.

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    Get supplies and equipment

    Once you have a home ready to be used as your business center, you can now think about arranging the supplies and equipment needed to operate the daycare and entertain the kids. Among the most useful supplies and equipment, there are play structures, toys and games, furniture that includes beds, cribs, chairs and tables, kitchen supplies, vehicles, and equipment used to potty-train the kids.

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    Start marketing your daycare

    It is now time to start marketing your fledgling daycare business. Choose a niche and advertise. You can use print and electronic media. Moreover, social media can also act as a good platform for you to reach as many parents as you can. Choosing a certain niche will help solve the marketing process. If you are targeting a specific age group, you can utilize more resources and reap better results. Once you have successfully targeted a specific niche, you can move on to other age groups or other niches.

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