How to Make Fancy Dress Costumes for Babies

Babies are the most adorable and cutest things alive on the face of this earth. They get even cuter when you dress them up in a fancy costume. Although getting a ready made costume from the shop might seem as very convenient, making a costume for your baby yourself is a memorable creative process that you can be proud of when you look back at the pictures years later. Fancy costume ideas are shared below. Choose one for your baby and start working. These are very easy to make and require basic cutting and sewing skills. You are also going to save up with the cost because all you have to pay for is the material. The work and the creativity is yours alone and you deserve the credit that is bound to follow.


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    Fairy costume:

    This is one of the all time favorite costume for baby girls. You do not need to do much if you have a frilly frock for your girl already. Make a wand and wings to go with the the. The costume can even serve as a princess costume if you couple up the frock with a crown. White glittery look best with the costume. Be generous with the use of lace and fur.

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    Let your baby shine in the sunlight with this fancy costume. Dress the baby in green simple outfit and make this head gear with pink and yellow fabric and lace. Cut out the pink fabric in the shape of rounded petals and sew to the center yellow part with a hole for the face.

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    This is a flattering and easy costume idea. Make butterfly wings out of thick cardboard and decorate it with glitter and colors, making patterns all over. The Head gear consists of the two antennaes. Get two colored pipe cleaners and curl the ends into spirals. Attach the other ends to a headband, cap or tiara to be worn around the head. Its time to fly baby!

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    A very easy costume to make. Cut flower patterns out of thick paper or felt and attach them to a head band. Combine with any flowery dress to make a delightful flower costume.

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    This is an interesting costume idea that can be made with very little effort. Find a cardboard box that equals the length of your baby from the neck to the knee. Cut a hole in the top to make room for the baby's neck. Cut holes for the arms. Paint the entire bow in yellow color.  Print a picture spongebob  from the net and paste in on the cardboard front. Your child is ready to spread smiles around him like spongebob does.

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    Bugs bunny:

    Bugs bunny is a favorite character for baby costumes. Dress your child in a grey sweatshirt. Cut a circle out fo white felt and sew it to the shirt for the tummy of the bunny. Make long bunny ears out of grey felt and sew them to the sweatshirt hood.Here goes your bunny.Hop! Hop!

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    Egg costume:

    Take a white sheet or towel, fold in half and cut in an oval shape. Sew together the two sides leaving room for your child's arms. Cut another oval out of a yellow sheet and sew it over the white one. Simple but unique idea to make your baby stand out.

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