How to Do Party Favors For a Baby Shower

The adorable tradition of celebrating on-the-way or recent birth of a baby is admired by everyone, especially by the to-be mother. In order to make the relation of a mother and the baby more special, family members along with friends plan out a party named as baby shower. A gathering of loved ones is organized in which the expecting mother is showered with gifts and blessings. Cute and adorable party favors are decided in order to make the event more pleasing and special for the to-be-mother. For party favors, you do not require a massive amount of budget – but only innovative ideas and love and affection in every effort is required.

The occasion usually only involves women so that everyone can share the beautiful wisdom of becoming a mother. People related to various religions and cultures have different manners to celebrate this women-only social gathering, but the purpose is the same. If you are planning to make party favors for a baby shower then the ideas mentioned in this guide will definitely be admired by everyone.


  • 1

    Baby footprint decoration on plastic glasses and goodybags

    This delectable idea of decoration will be admired by everyone. You can choose the color of footprints according to the theme of your party; usually in baby showers light colors like, pink, blue, purple, yellow and green are mostly preferred.

  • 2

    Diapered Baby Plants

    This is another cute style of decoration. You can later keep these baby plants in your child’s room or gift them to your guests. The color scheme of the diapers depend upon your theme. It is up to you whether you wish to wrap artificial pot plants or real ones (to avoid the mess, artificial plants would be a better idea).

  • 3

    Tulle Candy

    Tulle Candy is another adorable party favor which can be gifted to all the guests as a welcoming gesture. Besides bay showers, these candy packs are gifted on various occasions like birthday parties, weddings New Year party dinners and Christmas. Types of candies and chocolates in the tulle depend upon your choice, but make sure that they are of small size.

  • 4

    Baby Bootie Biscuits:

    You can choose any simple recipe of a plain biscuit and cut the dough with a baby bootie shaped cutter. The icing basically makes the biscuits look even better. Try icing them with various colors and in the end, draw a design of a netted baby bootie with the help of a tooth pick to give them a real look.

  • 5

    Striped Candle Holders:

    These candle holders will give a fresh and soft look to your party. The streamers used in wrapping up the glasses should be of soft and subtle baby colors, only then the piece will be liked by everyone. Make sure you use heat proof glasses and the candles are shorter than the glass.

  • 6

    Candy Stand Center Piece:

    This delicate center piece will grab everyone's attention. In a very less budget a unique piece will give your table a very delicate and adorable look. You can place it in the middle of the table and ladies can serve themselves with sweets and candies placed in it. But try and do not overload the piece with sweet’s filling.

  • 7

    Daisy ice cream cups

    Serving ice cream to your guests in daisy cups will definitely astonish them. This idea of serving the desert will force them to fall in love with the innovative serving style. Make cute daisy flowers on a chart paper and with the help of glue or scotch tape, stick them on the handle of the spoon. With hardly any effort, this idea will be adored by everyone. You can also stick the flowers with a tooth pick and place it on small sized brownies. There are hundreds of ideas! You just have to push your boundaries and be creative.

  • 8

    Photo Garland

    Making a timeline of the parent’s childhood is a very touching favor of a baby shower. Take colored print outs of the photos and paste them on envelops. You can use different sizes of envelops and then attach them. Staple the corner of the frame with a ribbon and hang it on the wall.

  • 9

    Tissue Paper Hangings:

    This is another artistic and innovative style of decoration piece for party which besides being economical, is also easy to make. You will require tissue papers of different colors and a thin wire to secure them.

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