How to Listen to your Children

The most weighty thing in your life is the relationship with your child in comparison with the open communication. In order to get close and talk to your child, you need to listen to him. You need to understand his problems and let your child know that you will always be there for him whenever he needs you. This is also a vital aspect of parenting. By this you will also be able to ward off stress that comes with being a parent. In order to communicate efficiently with your child, you need to be a good listener. When your child knows that you listen to him when they speak, he will listen to you as well.


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    Put yourself in his situation

    You need to place yourself in your child’s shoes i.e. take yourself to that situation. In case your child’s friend is gone to some other country or he started hating you. Remember that even if your child is 2 years or 22 years old, you need to know they have same feelings as you have.

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    Know that it is a big deal for your child

    You need to keep in mind that even if he does not get a sticker on a particular day, it meant to him a lot. It is as important to him like a raise or promotion to you. In case your teenage boy had 2 weeks break up with his girlfriend, it is a lot to him. This is because a social cycle of most schools is about one week.

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    Talk to your child as you talk to yourself

    Most friends will talk to your child as they are pretending. However, you need to handle your child as your equal. Understand his situation and try to solve it.

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    You need to love your child all the time no matter what. While he is in pain and talking, you need to show your affection continuously. Try to console him as much as you can and love him unconditionally. Your child requires this because he loves you a lot and wants the same in return or he will fall apart.

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