How to Deal with a Strong Willed Child

Children, especially the strong-willed ones, make parenting a bit difficult. It is hard for parents to discipline these children and to keep them on the right track. In order to become a good parent, you need to alter your tactics for handling your child. If he is strong willed, spanking is not the right way. You need to understand and handle your child in a proper way. Try to correct his behavioural problems by understanding him. There is no need to panic if you are in this situation as you can control and handle them after following few simple tips. Remember that your patience and consistency can discipline your strong-willed child.


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    Know the reason for his behaviour

    You need to figure out what is the reason your child behaves like this. He might be acting like this because he is not getting proper attention or neglected and misunderstood. Even if you not always agree with your child, it is better to listen to him at least. You need to persuade him to discuss his feelings rather compiling them inside. Know his point of view before responding to his actions.

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    Set clear rules

    In case he does not have rules to live with, you need to tell him rules for disciplining him. Before applying the rules, you need to set them. You need to know that your child doesn't know what is right or what he should do or not to do. You need to jolt down the rules in a poster and paste it on his room’s wall. By this any excuse of not remembering rules will be eliminated. You can reward your child when he follows the rules and in case he doesn’t, you need to punish him.

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    Avoid labelling your child with negative titles

    You need to refrain from labelling your child as ‘Problem child’ or ‘difficult’. These labels will encourage him to do more and will have negative impact on your child. He will try to act more negative and continue to do what he is doing.

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    Pick your battles wisely

    Your child will be encouraged if he wins small battles. You need to give your child limited choices and should limit the use of ‘no’ in order to keep the importance of this word. You can ask your child to do some work before approving his request or you can give him pre-approved options to choose a dress to wear.

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