How to Connect To a Linksys Camera

Linksys is a worldwide famous company which has been manufacturing home and small office networking products since 1988. Recently, Linksys started manufacturing cameras which can transmit video stream over the internet so that you can monitor your premises from any where in the world. You can take video stream from your Linksys camera to the internet by connecting to the camera. You can accomplish this task using a CAT5 cable and a couple of RJ-45 connectors. Here is how you can connect to a Linksys camera.

Things Required:

– CAT5 cable
– RJ-45 connectors
– RJ-45 crimpers
– Wire cutters/strippers


  • 1

    Run a CAT5 cable all the way from the Linksys camera to your router and cut it using a pair of wire cutter. Remember to leave a few extra inches of wire than required at both ends.

  • 2

    Strip both ends of the CAT5 cable with a pair of wire strippers.

  • 3

    Now it comes to attaching an RJ-45 connector on both ends of the CAT5 cable. Arrange the wires in the cable following the sequence: white/orange, orange, white/green, blue, white/blue, green, and white/brown, brown. Hold an RJ-45 connector with its gold contacts facing towards you in one hand. With the other hand, insert the CAT5 wires arranged in proper colour sequence into the RJ-45 connector.

  • 4

    With a pair of RJ-45 crimpers, crimp the connector to ensure that it stays in place. Repeat the same procedure to install an RJ-45 connector on the other end of the CAT5 cable as well.

  • 5

    Insert one of the RJ-45 connectors into an available LAN port at the back of your router. Insert the other RJ-45 connector into the LAN port at the back of the Linksys camera.

  • 6

    Insert one end of a power cable into the power port of the Linksys camera. The other end of the power cable goes into a power source.

  • 7

    Before you can connect to the Linksys camera, you will have to wait until an LED light on the camera illuminates solid.

  • 8

    Open your router’s admin console and navigate to the section where all the devices connected to the router are listed. You will also find the IP addresses of these devices. Note down the IP address of you Linksys camera.

  • 9

    Enter the camera’s IP address in the search bar of any internet browser to connect to the Linksys camera.

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