How to Control High Blood Uric Acid

Anyone who has had gout, they will understand how painful the build up of uric acid can be in the blood vessels. Uric acidity is a byproduct of a substance called purine that is found both naturally in the food we eat and in the body. Lowering the amount of purine introduced to your body can play a key role in uric acid control. According to medical science, controlling uric acid is possible by following a diet that is not too much about what you eat as what you should not eat.


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    Consider quitting alcohol. If this is not possible then limit the amount of alcohol you consume on a daily basis. Drinking heavily will interfere with your body's capacity to spate waste products and uric acid.

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    Meals that are very high in purines should be avoided at all times. Not a lot of people experience problems with eating too much lamb, pork and beef from organs like brains, sweet breads and kidneys. However, some fish like anchovies, herring and mackerel are known to contain high levels of purines and therefore, they should not be eaten by those who are looking to control uric acid. It is recommended to eat no more than 6 oz of meat on a daily basis as almost all types of meat contain purines.

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    Drink plenty of of mineral water and other liquids. One of the best ways to avoid uric acid accumulation in your body is to consume lots of juices and flush the substance out through the bladder. Doctors advise their patients to drink at least four litres of water every day when suffering from this medical condition. Never attempt fasting, dieting or follow a quick weight loss program unless prescribed by the doctor. This type of dieting has been known to increase the uric acid levels in the body.

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    Fill your everyday eating plan with meals that are low in purine. Bread and cereals, oils, nuts, rice, pasta, bakery products and fruit are foods that can help you reduce the uric acid build in the body. Consider buying lots of cherries, bananas and mangoes from the nearest grocery shop as they are proven to reduce uric acid. Cereals, breads, nuts, olive oil can also be bought from the same grocery store.

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