How to Cook a Decent Meal

If you like eating good food, you need to learn how to cook. Of course, kitchen looks a scary place to many. But you have to do something to impress your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/date. Preparing a decent meal is not tough. A little dedication is required though.

There is a major different between knowing how to cook, and the actual cooking. Just having a good book of recipes does not make a great chef.

Learn how to crawl before you can actually walk. It is always better to try not something big, because the chances of disappointment become bigger in that case. Aim for the one you can cook easily.

Prep time: 30 min
Cook time: 30 to 50 min
Total time: 60 to 80 min
Yield: Depends
Utensils: Work/skillet/pan, Sharp knife, Spatula, Stove top, Oven (totally optional), Tin foil and cookie sheet /tray

Fresh chicken breast
Fresh vegetables (depends on availability)
Cooking oil
A couple of potatoes (optional)


  • 1

    First of all, wash your hands. Wash your vegetables with the fresh water, even if you buy those from the store. Place them on the board, and cut them, ensuring you don’t get any cuts. The choice is entirely yours, but you can go with carrots, beans and other stuff of such kind.

  • 2

    After getting the bite sized pieces of vegetables, you need to cut your chicken. A jumbo breast piece is right in front of you. It is pink, gooey, and might look weird to touch.

    But believe us, you will love it once it is cooked. With the sharp knife, cut into small pieces, preferably into vertical half inch strips. Wash your hands once again.

  • 3

    Put the skillet on the stove top, and put some oil in it. Now, dump the whole bucket of chicken in it. Don’t let the pieces stick together, and separate them smoothly. After getting slightly brownish, start putting your spices/sauces.

    It entirely depends on your taste, but don’t ever put too much sauces. You can always add onion, if you want. Add salt, garlic powder, lemon juice to spice up your dish.

  • 4

    Once you are done with the spices, wait for the 10-15 minutes. The best thing is to continue flipping chicken pieces, not letting them burn. Keep a check on the chicken.

    When it gets really brown, add the vegetables. You can also cook vegetables separately, and then mix them both. If cooking together, don’t get your chicken too brownish.

  • 5

    When you feel that both things are well mixed, turn off the stove top. Dump the whole food into a clean plate. Your food is ready now. Get a class of wine, and enjoy your treat.

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