How to Create a Dog Friendly Backyard

Dogs are considered one of the greatest pets and companions of all time. Given their energetic nature, dogs tend to require a good deal of space to play around in so they can get all the exercise they require. In fact, it is very important to let dogs get some physical activity in, so that they stay in shape. However, the backyards of most houses don’t allow canines to do so, as they are not exactly dog friendly. This is why most dog owners who have backyards should consider putting some time and effort into making their backyard a friendly place for their dogs to play and interact in.


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    The first thing that you need to do is install some form of fencing in your yard. This is going to prevent the dogs from running away or leaving the boundaries of your yard, and it will also prevent them from endangering or harming anyone else. You can opt to install either a traditional fence, or an electric fence, as per your preferences.

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    One thing that dogs really love is tall grass. It is something that most vets recommend that dog-owners grow in their gardens, if they are going to let their dogs explore it. This is why, if you are going to be keeping a dog in the backyard, you should consider having tall grass installed in parts of the garden.

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    You should also go ahead and plant herbs in your garden. Most herbs help ward off insects and fleas, which tend to attach themselves to dogs, especially those types of dogs that are left out in the backyard for hours on end. You can easily get your hands on some herb seeds; however when you are planting them in the soil, don’t bury them all the way in. If they are planted just under the soil, they get to work right away and start warding off insects and fleas much sooner.

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    You should also plant some wheatgrass in your garden. Dogs tend to graze on wheatgrass, which is very healthy for them. You can opt to section off an area and have only wheatgrass there, or you can scatter it all over the garden, so that the dog has to explore the garden and find it.

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    Finally, you should also consider buying a bunch of toys for your dog, and then scattering these over the backyard. A tugging rope, along with some squeaky toys, will end up making your dog happier than he has ever been in the great outdoors.

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