How to Discipline Your Dog Positively

Training dogs is a very difficult task and the period in which they are being trained is certainly the most difficult one. You need to change the habits and make sure the dog behaves well in front of other people. Beating the dog and harsh punishments is not the right way to teach discipline. This would create fear and would affect the dog’s confidence.

There are many ways in which you can discipline the dog positively and without hurting it. You need to carry out the actions in the right way and be consistent of you want the dog to learn quickly. This may take some more time but is immensely effective.


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    Withhold rewards

    You must stop rewarding your dog if it misbehaves. The rewards would include dog food and something it may like. Withholding such rewards be a clear signal that the dog needs to behave well in order to be worthy of it. Repeating this tactic consistently will give the dog a good knowhow of what wrong it has been doing.

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    Try to avoid physical affection

    Whenever the dog misbehaves, avoid physical affection. Dogs need attention and love, so being ignored will be a prominent sign that you are not happy. Try to avoid petting your dog if it has done something wrong. Petting is often taken as a sign of affection and you would not want the dog to associate the sign after it has done something wrong.

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    Use of commands

    Set a command for your dog which you can use whenever it does something wrong or it misbehaves. Commands such as ‘No’ should be used whenever the dog does something wrong. Make sure everybody in the house in consistent with the commands as you would not want the dog to get confused every time.

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    Positive punishments

    Punishing your dog is another way of teaching discipline. However, the punishments should not be harsh as that would not give the desired result. Positive punishments include time outs when the dog misbehaves or spraying water on the dog’s face. The dog would definitely not like the timeouts and water sprays so it will avoid misbehaving.

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