How to Create a Resume Website on WordPress

Creating a sure fire resume is one of the most important things in job market today and employees and businessmen without a profile are often ignored despite the fact that they have expertise. If you are upset about how to show your experience to interested parties such as employers, business partners, vendors, etc., you need a resume that highlights your strong points and lets the reader know that you are worth considering.

WordPress is best to create a powerful resume as it allows you to make as many pages as you want. Plus you can create content that details your work history, experience, expertise, bio data and future plans.


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    Since you want to create a WordPress website, you will need WordPress hosting. If you are planning to create a detailed resume that mentions your education career experience, work history, projects you have taken during the course of your work life, and other information that the readers may find useful.

    Go to and download WordPress source code. Be mindful that is different from as it provides you blogging service. You can create a blog and post but cannot make a website as you can do with A website will be much better than a blog in terms of search engine rankings.

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    After you have downloaded WordPress, you can choose a theme you like. WordPress features lots of plug-ins that you can use to make your resume site look professional. After this, you should start creating pages to your WordPress resume. Since you want to create a resume, it is better to have a hosting name that is similar to yours.

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    Your website is your resume, so you have to make pages that are all about you and your work, so they can give others an idea how much importance you should be given. If you are making a resume for employers, you should make the pages that concentrate more on work experience than your work history or personal experiences.

    However, you may need a resume to show that you are good to do business with. There are times when you need to show to your suppliers and vendors that you have been a good entrepreneur with the history of clean business practices.

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    The pages you can make include About Me, Work Experience, Work History, Education, Projects, Ambitions, etc.

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    Make the first page of your WordPress website “Home Page.” Visitors will first see the homepage. You can set “About Me” as your home page, which is also called landing page.

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