How to Create a Successful Landing Page

A website’s landing page is the most important tool for keeping visitors engaged on your website and making them take further action. Landing page is simply a page that a visitor can click open through an online advertisement (such as pay per click camping).

Webmasters use landing page specifically for interested visitors and the pages are usually advertised or optimized for search engine results. When a visitor clicks an ad, the page that opens is a landing page. The content on the landing page is crafted to walk the visitor through the entire website. Landing page is designed to boost your website traffic.


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    Get all the unnecessary information off the landing page

    In order for your landing page to be attractive and attention-grabbing, you have to remove all the unnecessary details and information. Landing page is not about telling the visitors the background of your website or your company; rather it is designed to make the visitors take the action you want them to take.

    If your website sells physical goods, the landing page should walk the potential customers through the process of how to buy the product from you. Prices, product specification and other product-related information should be included but there is no need to go overboard in explaining the features of the products or services, as it sounds irrelevant on the landing page.

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    Rely less on flash, more on content

    Do not use flash in the hope of impressing the visitor of your landing page, as you should know that your potential customers are only interested in getting the information they want, i.e. how to get the best service to get their money’s worth. In addition to it, the content of the landing page should be clean, compelling and not be littered with jargons.

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    Create a compelling call to action

    Motivate the visitors of the landing page to get in touch with you. There are several ways to keep the visitors in touch, for eg. you can ask them to sign up for free and become a member. Most website owners offer special packages to visitors who sign up. If you can offer something for free, that might help you boost your traffic within weeks. If you are into services -  a software or an application - you can allow the visitors to get the free trial.

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    Make attention-grabbing headlines

    The headlines you will write for the landing page should be able to grab the visitor’s attention. The headline should be big and easy to comprehend, making it easy for the visitors to quickly get to the information they need.

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