How to Set a Specific Page as Your Website’s Home Page

Word press is a content management system that helps a website look like a blog in its default state, showing the most recent posts as the website’s home page rather than a stagnant page with tabs to dissimilar content. If you require a website that has a static home page that never changes with time, you can change Word press’ default home page settings to a certain page that is already present, or that you will make ahead of time. When the home page setting is changed, you can adjust which page the home page points to whenever it is needed.


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    Make a page that you want set as your home page

    Produce the page that you wish to make your home page if it does not actually exist already. Sign in to your Word press website, and then click “Pages.” After that, choose the “New Page” button, then fill out the text fields that come up, giving the page a name and permalink URL. When you have made the page, edit it to just contain the information and formatting you need for your website’s home page. Moreover, after the page has been edited to your preferred needs, choose the “Publish” button on the right side of the text book.

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    Go to the settings and select your desired option

    Click the “Administration” menu option from the left side menu, then select “Settings,” and after that choose the “Reading” link. You will have a number of options in front of you. Choose the “Front Page Displays” from the several choices. A list of all present pages will show up, along with the home page that you made in the previous instructions.

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    Set the page that you want as your home page

    Choose the page that you want to utilise as your website’s home page. When you have made your decision, select “Save.” After that, open a new tab in your internet browser and navigate to your Word press website and you will see the static page as your home page rather than a list of all the more recent posts that have been published. On the other hand, if the page does not meet your set criteria, you can adjust it in the tab with the help of the control panel, and then refresh the Web page to look at the updated changes. This is how you set a certain page as your website’s home page.

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