How to Create Backlinks with Online Marketing

Backlinks are still one of the key factors to improving a website’s ranking on Google and other search engines, but the myths surrounding this effective online marketing tool have troubled many webmasters since search engines became popular among Internet users.

Some website owners think backlinks are the only solution to improving the website’s presence on the Internet. However, the latest Google Panda update has changed a thing or two regarding search results.

It is generally observed that backlinks that are better, quality wise, work wonders for sites. Cheap and low quality links on the other hand are a waste of time, money and effort. If you know how to differentiate between quality backlinks and low quality backlinks, you cannot go wrong.

A handful of quality backlinks are way better than a thousand cheap ones. If you have not seen it, you’d better have a look some of the leading websites. Quality backlinks are the links that come from websites of your industry. If your site link is posted on leading websites in your industry, Google will give importance to these backlinks. Getting backlinks from irrelevant websites will not make an impact on your ranking.


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    Get listed in directories

    Post your website links to the directories of your industry. Directories act as a library for Google, helping it spot your websites when a user uses related keywords in the engine’s search bar. You can find literally hundreds of directories of your niche. However, make sure you get listed on directories having higher PR (Page Rank).

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    Write for article directories

    Writing for article directories is also one of simplest ways to create backlinks. Search for article directories on Google and other search engines — you will find plenty.

    EzineArticles and ArticleBase are some of the best article directories. These directories will let you give a link to your website — below the article you have written for them. However, some directories allow you to use at least 2 to 3 hyperlinks (backlinks actually)  in the body of the article. ArticleBase is one of them.

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    Posts comments on blogs

    Another surefire way to create backlinks is to post comments on blogs. Search for blogs in your niche and start sharing your thoughts in the comment section. The comment section will allow you to leave your name, web address and email address. You can write a keyword of your choice in the name section, and give a URL in the web address section. This is how you will create one backlink. Try to comment on as many related blogs as you can.

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    Build your own blog and integrate with the website

    This will get you one quality backlink. Create an account on blog services like Wordpress or Blogspot and get it integrated into your website. If your blog is worth reading and it drives enough traffic, people may be willing to post your links to their own websites and blogs.

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