How to Cure Arthritis Back Pain

Arthritis back pain is caused by rubbing of the back joints with each other. This rubbing causes inflammation and pain. The pain can be in form of a dull constant ache or a sharp pang but is capable of ruining your night’s sleep and the day’s work. Before moving on to the cure, it is important to know what causes arthritis. The joints which rub together do so because the cartilage around them has weakened, leaving them exposed. Although it is nearly impossible to grow back this cartilage, you can cure the back pain through preventing the joints from rubbing together.


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    The first step during the pain is to avoid working and moving it. Keep away from all physically strenuous activities. Take a pain killer like ibuprofen to relieve yourself of the back pain. Another home remedy is to use an ice compress on your back. Keep the ice pack on your back for around half an hour and then remove. Do this several times a day. This will reduce the inflammation. When the pain and swelling subside, use heating pad to increase blood circulation to the back area.

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    Your back posture plays a great part in determining its health. Keep an erect posture in walking, sitting and even lying down. A straight posture helps place equal weight on all parts of the body. A sloppy one places pressure on the back and weakens it. When lying down, sue a firm mattress that will keep your back straight. Using a firm mattress helps cure arthritis. Sleep on a straight back and not on your stomach. Since the goal is to reduce pressure on the spine, try to bring down your weight. Fat deposits on the body place extra burden on the back, weakening it.

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    Consult your doctor when the arthritis pain continues and hampers your movement. There are specific drugs that reduce inflammation, pain and provide relief during arthritis. Some of these drugs are also available over the counter.

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    You can also use light exercise to cure the disease. Lay straight on your back and prop up your knees. Press your back on the floor. Stay like that for five seconds and then get up. Repeat.

    Eat food substances that are rich in minerals and vitamins. You can also take fortified options and supplements. These help in strengthening ligaments. A balanced diet will also help you reduce weight.

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