How to Cure Headaches with Visualization

A severe headache or a migraine is one of the most painful things you can ever experience. Apart from pain, a headache can be an extremely frustrating experience, and people who often suffer from headaches are prepared to give up anything just to get rid of the pain. Regular headaches can have a disastrous impact on your professional as well as personal life, as you get cranky due to this irritating feeling. Therefore, it is vitally important to cure a headache, instead of hoping that it will vanish with the passage of time.

Apart from a number of medical treatments, headaches can be cured through visualization as well; this is an immensely effective way to get rid of this menace.

Things Required:

– A bed
– A ball


  • 1

    Lie down in a dark room

    In order to treat your headache through visualization, the first step is to go into a dark and quiet room and lie down on the bed. If there is not enough silence in the room, chances are high that the headache will become worse. You should also have a ball in front of you in the room. However, even an imaginary ball will work, if there is no real ball available.

  • 2

    Concentrate on the pain

    Try to focus on the pain in your head and compress it. Imagine that you are compressing all the pain in your head into the ball.

    You should now close your eyes and imagine the ball. While breathing through your mouth, you should imagine that the ball is blown away a little. You should continue to do this for a few minutes before you realize that the ball is getting smaller in your imagination.

  • 3

    Consider the ball to be the headache

    While you are breathing and the ball is starting to get smaller, you should consider the ball to be the headache and imagine that it is vanishing. Keep compressing until the ball disappears from your imagination.

  • 4

    Repeat the whole process

    If you have done all the above mentioned things appropriately, chances are high that you would have gotten rid of the headache or the migraine. However, if you have not been successful in the first attempt, you need to repeat the same process after a couple of hours.

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