How to Cure Insomnia without Medication

One of the serious and very common sleep disorders is insomnia and this disease cannot be cured without addressing the imbalance that causes the problem.

The proposed techniques for relaxation and restoration of internal balance will not only improve your sleep but also help you become, active in other areas of life. Because insomnia – is more than just a sleep disorder – is a manifestation of the general imbalance of your physiology.


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    Prevent the onset of sleep at night by eating, smoking, alcohol consumption, diseases of the internal organs, medications, adverse conditions for sleep, noise, light, uncomfortable bed. It is desirable to minimize the impact of such factors.

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    Psychological causes of insomnia are fear, anxiety, internal contradictions, inner feelings and unrealized aspirations. Day care oppresses your mind and you will not be able to sleep peacefully until you release them. First we need to understand them, to identify and articulate the problem.

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    Business competition, crying children, the endless flow of cars - all these impressions and memories about the day get into your mind and your overexcited nervous system, preventing you feel yourself in a quiet place. So, you should organize daily routine and the routine of the people around you.

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    Nobody has a control over his dreams. Therefore, before going to bed ask yourself how much you trust yourself and what's going on around you? Maybe you are afraid to let go something or to lose? All this can induce a high level of anxiety and difficulty falling asleep.

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    Sleep is not only refreshing but also a period of lack of control. Stop thinking about what will happen during this time, when you’re asleep. So, in order to get rid of this disease, you need to control your own consciousness.

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