How to Avoid Getting Sick When Everyone Else Is

With the changing season, there are bound to be those few people in your school or workplace that spread the infection to everyone around them. These people have the ability to make everyone around them sick and it may seem like an impossible task to avoid it. However by taking the right steps and precautions, you can be that person. This does not mean that you need to wear a face mask wherever you go; its just about being smart and concious.


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    Washing Hands

    The easiest way germs and bacteria get into our bodies is through our hands because of everything we touch. Make sure that you properly wash your hands after any and every chore. This is even more important when you use the restroom.

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    Having some sort of anti-bacteria hand wash is very important. It can be in your purse, bag or anything you carry with you, just to ensure you are able to use it whenever necessary. This comes in handy especially when you are shaking hands with someone whom you just saw sneezing into his/her hands and hope not to catch the flu from. Remember to shake hands and apply the anti-bacterial hand cleaner as soon as possible without them noticing.

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    Immune System

    Having a strong immune system is something we all can work towards. Maintaining a healthy diet, regular exercise and getting enough sleep is a sure way of doing so. Avoid anything unhealthy like soft drinks and fried food, instead, focus on getting enough water, fruit, vegetables and protein in your system.

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    Sharing Drinks

    The worst way to get infected  is sharing food and drinks with others, even your family members. Avoid any sort of close contact in this regard to stay safe from getting sick.

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    Attacking Symptoms

    Any sort of infection should be caught and destroyed on the spot, which is why it is important to begin taking medication as soon as you begin feeling symptoms of a cold, fever or flu. Not doing so will only cause the virus/bacteria to prosper and get worse.

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