How To Deal With Backstabbing Colleagues

For some people their workplace is as sacred as a place of worship. They are aware that they earn their living in that very place and understand that it needs to be respected. However, that is not the idea that all employees have and therefore, we see a lot of organisational politics in just about every company that it there.

This politics can be found at any level, from the office support staff to the executives of the company. The idea behind such politics is to gain power and in the longer run securing better positions in the organisation by staying in the good books of the immediate seniors.

In order to achieve these tasks, the employees backstab their colleagues and one has to be careful in order to avoid such issues. It’s not the easiest of tasks yet it is not the most difficult either. One has to make sure that they are able to save themselves from the backstabbers and maintain their good repute within the ranks of their company.


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    Identify the Backstabbers

    The first thing to do is to identify the backstabbers. Be very careful when these people are around and try to keep your opinions, particularly about the organisation and co-workers to yourself. They often talk nice and get the information out, exaggerate it to others and then get you a bad name in the office. Being care is the single most important step. Also be careful and do not discuss your family life with these people as it can quickly become the talk of the town.

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    Be Wary in Times of Change

    Be extra careful when there is a change taking place within the organisation. Many people get edgy and try to be act smart when the new boss is arriving or new positions are being created. At this point the back stabbing is likely to be at its highest as just about everyone will try to get ahead of others and secure a better place within the organisation.

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    Be in the Loop

    Keep your eyes and ears open. Stay in touch with colleagues and keep a vigilant eye on the matters in the office. When you are aware of what going on, backstabbers are likely going to spare you, at least to some extent as they do not wish to be exposed.

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    Know Everyone

    Make sure that you know everyone well including those that are in secretarial and support staff and your circle in the office is not confound to co-workers and bosses only. This is always good for you in general and if something is brewing, you may get to hear about it in advance.

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