How to Deal with Depression during Pregnancy

Almost all of the women are aware of the fact that pregnancy makes their mood swings unpredictable. Sometimes even an ad on television can make them cry and how a shirt on the floor could give them a raging fit. Nevertheless, most expectant women are not ready to deal with depression and anxiety which becomes a reality of their lives when they get pregnant.

The pregnant women along with the mood swings find it tough to differentiate between depression and tearjerker, but it is vital to know the difference but also be able to deal with the issue if it arises. There are a number of ways to resolve problems occurring due to depression.


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    Be attentive

    You need to pay attention if you come across feeling restless, unmotivated and hopeless. It is quite the usual affair during pregnancy to deal with these things, but if you are being over emotional for longer periods of time then there is a problem. Common signs can be if you are spending too much time in bed and feel very sad and it indicates that you might be suffering from depression or anxiety.

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    Share your feelings with others

    You should tell your friends and family about what is going on in your head. Don’t try to act strong during this period. It is normal to not be able to tell your husband or closes ones that you are bummed out over nothing, and you try to deal with it all by yourself. Nevertheless, it is crucial to let others know about your situation at all times.

    This can help them determine a worrying sign in future. Depression causes you to feel indifferent to regular stuff such as eating, showering and sleeping well, all of which are necessarily significant for expecting women.

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    Keep in constant touch with your doctor

    Consult your doctor if you have any negative thoughts in mind. Tell him if you are thinking about harming yourself because it will harm you and even your baby. Also inform him if you feel like cutting yourself, damaging your hair, scratching or any other harmful behaviour.

    Ask the doctor for his emergency contact number. You and your husband should be able to get in touch with him at all times. Also keep numbers of the psychiatric ward, good counselors and also for the nearby hospital. A depressed person can have a breakdown at any time.

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