How to Decorate Your College Apartment

Students have a number of choices to decorate their college apartments. Rental agencies provide a variety of deals on college apartments to students. An advantage for college students is the freedom to having their own place and to decorate it at their free will. The apartments are normally located nearby the college and have lots of necessary things such as cable, WiFi internet, mini refrigerators and microwaves in the rooms.

College students are provided with stylish and cheap stuff in stores that are specifically made for them. However, one problem when it comes to decorating a college apartment is that you have limited space as the room is very small. Items have to perform multiple duties along with looking nice and trendy. Moreover, some common sense precautionary measures are suggested when decorating will get you a refund on your security deposit after you vacate the room.


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    Seek permission

    Ask the owner about decorating restrictions like painting walls, picture hanging, having pets or candles, window treatment, bed lofting and other changes that might be required according to the student’s taste. Hang posters with straight pins, and use small nails for framed photos. Also purchase a spackling compound to fill up the holes when you leave the apartment.

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    Decorate to your style

    Go out for furniture shopping but measure the lengths of each room to know the exact dimensions of stuff you need. This will ensure that the tables, bed, couch and things you purchase will fit in your apartment. Try to paint with a simple or light color to make the apartment look bigger than it actually is.

    On the other hand, if you have a habit of eating in the living room ten cover furnished sofas or chairs with slipcovers. Place a cheap rug under the table if the dining room is carpeted. Buy washable chair cushions for the room if they are covered with expensive fabric.

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    Design the room smartly

    Seek permission before painting the walls. If you get the go ahead, then paint with your favourite color. Put posters to hide damaged walls if you didn't get the permission to paint. Place curtains that mount inside the window. Furthermore, also use mats or protective gear under tabletop furnishings like electronics and lamps to avoid scratches.

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