How to Defend Yourself from an Attacker

Football is one of the most widely played games in the entire world and with the passion of the game rising up in the recent years, more and more players are taking up the prospect of getting in to the professional picture of the game. Football is a balanced game and a team has to master certain aspects of the game in order to get the best possible result in their favour. Defence is one of these and one must learn how to defend properly from a good attacker.


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    Many children when take up the prospect of entering in the modern day football game, like to be strikers and forward positioned players rather than becoming defenders. No one likes to become a defender and almost every person on the field hates to face a strong attacker. There are two kinds of attackers. One of these is the strong attacker and the second type of attackers is the skillful attackers. It is the latter ones that the good defenders hate to face as they can baffle them with their astounding set of skills and trickery. A defender hence must be fully equipped with the defensive capabilities in order to defend properly from attackers of such abilities. Firstly, the defender who is looking to make his name a force in the defensive aspect of the game is to acquire the physicality that is necessary for the player to perform at the highest level. Physicality is the most important factor in the modern day game as you will seldom see lean and weak bodied defenders playing their trade in the highest levels of the football leagues all over the world. To do this, a defender must join a gym for exercise and get an instructor on the matter who will guide him through all the necessary exercises that will ensure that he gets a very strong body, one which will see him minimize the threat posed by any kind of attackers.

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    The next main thing that has to be given time is the pace of the defender. Attackers these days are extremely fast and just need a split second to force their dominance over their counterpart with bursts of pace. For this, recovery is the most important thing and it only appears in the attributes with the pace injected in the defender.

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    Finally, the defender must have an inherent sense of positioning. This can only be learnt by true coaching skills by the trainer and with all these set of attributes under the belt, the defender will surely outclass the attacker.

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