How to Deodorize Carpet at Home

A singular item easily found within your household is capable of serving as one of the best possible carpet deodorizers available. Carpeting located near kitchens, fireplaces or at stomping grounds for our household pets tend to absorb the smells that surround them. Deodorizing your carpet is something that should be done as often as you feel is required. This could be every time you vacuum to once every few months. Here’s your guide to how you can do it in a few simple steps at home.

Things Required:

In order to carry out the following Steps, you will require:

– Vacuum
– Baking soda


  • 1

    Spread the Joy

    Could this be any easier? The first and most integral step to deodorizing your carpet is spreading the baking soda evenly and copiously throughout the target carpeted area.

  • 2

    Let it Fester

    The true beauty of this technique is that the longer you allow the baking soda to sit and work its magic, the better and more effective it is. As time passes, the baking soda absorbs more odour and leaves your carpet cleaner.

  • 3

    Suck it Up

    Once you are satisfied with the time that has passed, take out the vacuum and put it to good use. Vacuum the area that had the baking soda until it is completely clean.

    Congratulations, you have a deliciously odour-free and clean carpet to enjoy until the next deodorizing session of course.

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