How to Develop Reading Skills

There are many tools and techniques which you can use to develop your reading skills. The three of the most common ways to improve your reading include scanning, skimming and concept mapping. All the three methods can be used according to the context and purpose of reading.

Generally, first of all you have to scan the material which you are about to read. Then, you skim it in your mind and apply concept mapping as per your cognitive abilities. Concept mapping has a great significant as it is very important for you to note the information by connecting different ideas which have been mentioned in the text. You can give concept to the text either physically or mentally. If the concept mapping is done by making different pictures, it can help you a lot in memorising the text. If you want to develop your reading skills, you can take help from the given steps.


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    First of all, you have to find out what you intend to assess and what is your purpose of reading. In addition, you should know that what you have to skip from your reading. It is extremely important for you to know the purpose of your reading. For instance, if you are just reading to pass your time, you don’t have to grasp the concepts too much. However, if you want to read to learn about something, you will have to map your concepts well in order to remember them well.

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    You don’t have to emphasise on the style, delivery or flow if the text material. But, it is very important for you to give due attention to the contexts and contents.

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    In order to become a good reader, you have to give importance to qualitative reading rather than quantitative reading.

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    You have to take reading as a hobby so as to become a good reader. If you will not create a positive attitude towards your reading, you cannot develop your reading skills.

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    You should keep an eye on your biological clock in order to improve your level of absorbability during reading.

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    If you cannot understand any word during reading, you should check its meaning in a dictionary right away. It will not only help you in understanding the concept of the text, but it will also improve your vocabulary.

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