How to Divide Household Chores

Doing household chores can be quite time consuming especially if you are the only one that is doing them. It is important to share the burden and divide your household chores amongst your spouse or children evenly. This way everyone is helping out and your stress can be relieved. Even though most families are busy with work and the children are often in school or other activities, it can be difficult to divide the household chores appropriately. If you feel that you are the only one doing the household chores then dividing them will be a wise decision for you. Dividing the household chores is easy to do as long as you distribute the work evenly.


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    Develop a Chart:

    A good idea to help you divide your household chores is to develop a chart with each of your family members on it. Under each person you should list out the different household chores that they will be responsible for.

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    Organise Chores:

    It is very important to organise all of the household chores in order of their importance. Chores that need to be done daily should be put on the top and prioritised.

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    Have a Family Discussion:

    Have a constructive family discussion about dividing the household chores. Remember to listen to everyone about their relative schedules and try to work together to properly divide the work.

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    Divide Chores:

    Divide all of the household chores accordingly. It is important to remember that each chore should be done by someone that is capable of handling the work. Do not give a child a grownup chore that he or she might not be able to cope with. Chores that are extremely important should be done by you, while to other less important ones can be given to others.

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    Flexible Schedules:

    Develop a flexible schedule when you divide the household chores. Everyone usually has a schedule of other activities which are equally important. By keeping your chore schedule flexible you can reduce your stress and still have the chores completed in a timely fashion.

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    Rotate Chores:

    By rotating the household chores will keep everyone involved interested. If the same household chore is done by the same person in the family then they will eventually get bored and stop doing it. Rotate the chores in a fair manner so that everyone gets a different chore on a weekly basis.

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    Always remember to reward everyone when they complete the chore schedule. This could be a special meal for dinner or a reduction in chores for the following week or month.

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