How to Do a Liver Flush At Home

The liver comes under the main organs of the body. It has an important part to play. It produces bile which helps in the digestion of food. A healthy liver is essential for the working of a healthy body. The liver can build up impurities and needs cleansing once in a while. A liver flush can remove gallstones and all other impurities accumulated in the liver. This way any gallstone is removed in the initial stages of development. A liver flush can be done at home at ease. It should ideally be done after every 3 to 4 months. It will improve your digestion and get you rid of any problems that you face.

Things Required:

– 1 Tablespoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil
– 1 Grapefruit
– 6 Lemons
– 1 Cup of Water
– 1 Garlic clove


  • 1

    Before you flush your liver, fast for a day so that your liver has nothing to do. During these 24 hours, you can drink apple juice and orange juice. These will keep you energized during the fast. Do this when you are off from work and school because you will have to give the flushing time.

  • 2

    Take the fresh lemons, wash them in water and squeeze out their juice. Pour this into the blender through a strainer. Make up to 8 oz of lemon juice. You can also add Epsom salt at this stage.

  • 3

    Peel the grape fruit and remove the seeds with a knife. Now add half of this grapefruit to the blender where you already have the lemon juice. The other half of the grapefruit will be used when you make the juice the next time.

  • 4

    Take the clove of garlic, peel it well and crush it. Now add this crushed garlic to the blender. You might have reservations about drinking garlic extract but the lemon and grapefruit will hide the taste so do not worry.

  • 5

    Add one tablespoon of virgin olive oil to the ingredients in the blender. The oil acts as a laxative to help cleanse the liver.  Add a glass of cold water to the blender and blend it. Blend till the mixture gets smooth.

  • 6

    Drink down the mixture in the morning over an empty stomach. Make another one in the evening and drain it down. You will have to make it fresh because the contents of the juice separate when stored. Do not eat anything solid during the day. You can take clear juices, herbal tea and vegetable broths.

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