How to Do a Magical Cut Card Trick

We’ve all played cards at one point or the other, but not many know of the tricks that can be done with them to make the activity even more interesting. And out of the many tricks that can be easily done, Magical Cut is one of the major types of Impromptu Card tricks that are played without any prior planning or preparation. The reason it is known as Magical Cut is because it causes a disillusion to the observer, although there is no actual magical spell involved in it. All it involves is shuffling and digging fingers in the deck to puzzle and confuse the observer. In order to play this trick, you will have to practice a lot as it requires control and knowledge. Remember that the purpose of this trick is to reveal a card that the observer or spectator has selected.


  • 1

    Hold the deck in your hand. Make sure that all cards are arranged in a way that, held together, they all form a block.

  • 2

    Ask the observer to select a card from the deck. Once he/she has selected the card, place it at the bottom of the deck.

  • 3

    After you have placed the card at the bottom, divide the cards in two piles keeping in mind that the selected card should be on top of the bottom pile if you turn the bottom pile up.

  • 4

    Ask an observer to see you putting the card back where it was in the deck.

  • 5

    As you put the card back, keep your ring finger over the selected card so when the bottom pile is shifted to the top, you can flip it using your ring finger.

  • 6

    Once the card is flipped, you can use other fingers to tilt it upwards such that the card has its face up so that the observer can see the card he or she selected.

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