How to Do a Rainbow Flick in Soccer

A rainbow flick is not really considered to be an important skill to learn while you are playing soccer. However, several freestylers want to learn this skill as it does not only look nice; in fact, it is extremely difficult to pull off as well. Moreover, there are several players who are currently playing soccer, and they always use this trick to get past one player. However, the chances of this trick not being perfectly executed are very high. Therefore, many players don’t even try this trick. The soccer players who are famous for pulling this trick off on the pitch include the likes of Robinho, Ronaldinho and even Denilson. These three Brazilians were famous for doing this trick on the pitch. There are two ways to do this trick and you can follow the following steps in order to pull this skill off.


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    Side Foot

    The first and the easiest way to pull off a rainbow is with the help of your side foot. The rainbow is basically going to help you push the ball over your back and then over the player who is facing you. This way you will be able to get past the player, and the ball will follow you from the top.

    In order to pull this trick off with the help of your side foot, roll the ball (just like it will be rolling while you are running on the pitch). Right when the player is in front of you, put one foot sideways, as if it is going to block the ball. Once the side foot is right in the ball’s way, use the toe of the other foot to grab the ball between your side foot and your toe. Now take a little jump and see how the ball is going to jump over your back and then it will get past the player who is standing in front of you.

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    Back Heel

    For the back heel rainbow you will require a lot of practice. You will be doing everything in the similar way, just like you did in the previous step. Roll the ball and start running with it. Right when the player is in front of you, this time block the ball’s path with the help of your heel. Right when the heel touches the ball, use the toe of the other foot to grab the ball and then push it upwards. The result is going to be the same. However, notice how the side foot rainbow was relatively easier to pull off.

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