How to Do a Wrestling Takedown

When you are in a wrestling ring, you only think of pinning your opponent down in order to score as many points as possible. There are a lot of moves, which teach you of how to floor your rivals. However, you need a lot of strength, focus and agility in order to perform these moves otherwise you will be the one floored.

One of the simplest of wrestling moves is the takedown. Like all the other techniques, it also helps you in bringing your opponent down. Although some of the takedown moves are quite complex, you can learn a few basic ones, especially if you are a starter.


  • 1

    Build strength

    You cannot be a wrestler without having strength in your body. So, the first thing you need is to build muscles on your body. Some people gain a lot of mass on their body, which is also not the right thing to do, as that limits your movement. You have to create a balance of power and flexibility in order to beat your opponent in a wrestling match. In order to achieve that, hit the gym regularly, but never lift heavy weights. Moreover, you should at least jog thrice a week in order to improve your stamina and flexibility.

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    Stay close to your opponent

    When you are in a wrestling ring, don’t run away from your opponent, if you have to pin him/her down. Stay as close as possible and wait for the right opportunity to make your move.

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    Double leg takedown

    One of the easiest ways of pinning your opponent is the double leg takedown move. Firstly, you will have to make the other person off balance, so that you get an opportunity of bringing him/her down. Once you see a chance, grab his/her legs and pull them towards yourself. This way, your opponent’s body will fall down towards the mat and you will score easy points.

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    One leg takedown

    If you are unable to grab both legs of your opponent, try getting a grip on one of his/her legs. Moreover, you need to exert pressure on your rival’s body, using the other hand.

  • 5

    Bear hug takedown

    If your opponent is not getting off balance at all, you don’t need to wait. Try the bear hug takedown, which will earn you some easy points. However, you need tremendous strength to do this move. Hug your rival tightly and force him/her down to the ground.

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