How to do Quick Change Card Trick

The Quick Change card trick is another interesting card trick that also surprises the audience like the other card tricks played. In this trick the performer asks the spectator to choose a card from the deck without letting performer know about it. After that performer tells the spectator to place the card on the top of the deck and gives it a few shuffles, to make the spectator believe that card has lost in the deck. However, the performer has to ensure that the card selected by the spectator remains at the top while the deck is shuffled. Now applying the double lift trick, performer picks two cards from the top of the deck such that they are perfectly squared and the spectator does not notice they are two cards. With the snap of fingers, performer quickly reveals spectator’s card.


  • 1

    Shuffle the deck and give a few cuts to make the spectator believe that all the cards are placed evenly in the deck and you have no idea about their location.

  • 2

    After shuffling, ask the spectator to choose a card from the deck. Once spectator has chosen and memorized the card ask him to out the card back on the top of the deck.

  • 3

    As you have card back in the deck, give it a few more cuts and shuffles but keep the selected card on top no matter how many times no you shuffle.

  • 4

    Once done with shuffling, pick two cards from the top of the deck such that they appear to be one using the double lift trick. This may require you to do some prior practice.

  • 5

    Knowing that the spectator’s card is at the top, show him the bottom card and show that you are going to do a magic by shaking your hand.

  • 6

    Just like you snap your fingers, curl your middle finger inwards to pull the card at front inside and push your thumb outwards to bring the spectator’s card at front. Try doing this in quick time so it seems more like a magic.

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