How to do Tai Chi Neck Floats In Pool

Fitness is one of the greatest assets for athletes irrespective of which type of sports they are involved in. There is hardly any sport where physical fitness is not a significant factor in determining the performance and consequently chance of an athlete to do well.

While there are a lot of equipments available in the gym to help the athletes maintain their fitness, a lot of athletes rightly believe that exercising while surrounding by water inside the pool enhance their physical fitness. Tai Chi neck floats is a popular choice of exercise for athletes and even non-athletes who want to release the tension in their neck and feel relaxed. This form of Tai Chi exercise is fairly simple to learn and offer huge benefits.


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    The first thing that you have to do is to get into the pool. This is the obvious thing to do of course, but it is worth mentioning in case someone starts following the rest of the instructions without doing the most basic and important thing, which is to surrounded their body with water.

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    After you are inside the pool, it is recommended to get to the area where your feet can touch the floor, allowing you to stand straight with your neck and comfortably above the water surface. You may find it a bit hard to remain standing upright, as the floor of the pool is pretty slippery. However, you will surely manage to maintain your balance and stay upright if you put enough effort into it.

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    While standing in the pool, slowly raise both the arms, fingers tips first, in front of you and then gradually turn the hands so that the palms face toward your face. Be sure to do this entire motion with the grace of a ballerina.

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    After you have palms of both the hands facing you, slowly take your out-stretched right arm and right hand to your side. Follow the motion of the hand with your eyes. You will have to rotate your neck in order to continue looking at the palm that you are moving to your side.

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    While you rotate your outstretched right arm and neck to the right, use Tai Chi breathing to exhale deeply.

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    You will only be able to rotate your neck to a certain extent. Stop the rotation of your neck and outstretched arm right there.

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    Now start rotating the arm back to the position where your left arm is and inhale along the way.

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    Repeat the entire thing, but with the left arm and in the left direction this time. Doing this exercise will give a nice rotation to your cervical spine.

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    In order to get a great lateral stretch in your neck, rotate the arm to your side and follow the palm with your eyes. Once you rotate it 90 degrees or a little above that and are not able to rotate it any more, do not start rotating the arm and neck back. Instead, extend your hand and stretch your arm, while bending your ear to the shoulder. Do this really slowly, matching the movements with your Tai Chi breathing.

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    Do the same with your left arm. This addition to the original rotation will give your neck a nice lateral stretch.

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