How to Donate Books to the Library

Book donations to different libraries have become quite common over the years and many book lovers keep doing this noble gesture with regular intervals. There are many people, in their old age, donate all of their book collection to different libraries as they want many other readers to take benefit of their books by going to these libraries. If you also want to donate books to the library then you have to get information of how to do it properly. In order to learn how to donate books to the library you can take guidance from this article.


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    First of all, you should decide which books you want to donate to the library and they gather these books in a carton or if you want to donate the whole shelf then you should take all books out of the shelf.

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    You should contact to a particular public library or different libraries in order to donate your books. Get information about the procedure of donating books.

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    Many libraries want you to fulfil some formal requirements for donating books. They get your information in order to keep a record of the donated books with your name.

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    You can also visit the websites of libraries in order to know the guidelines for donating books. You can also contact to the officials of the libraries by sending them mail on the email address given on the website.

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    You should also check the guidelines about the acceptance of book donations by the libraries whether they accept a particular type of books of all types.

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    Usually libraries accept books that are in good condition and also are on important topics because the officials of a library will not accept those books that do not have more importance for general public.

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    You should also show responsibility while making donation of your books and always select only those books that are beneficial for general public.

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    You can donate your book collection in the honour of some inspirational figure for you. There are many libraries that create commemorative bookplate.

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    If you have audio and visual materials on books then you should also add it into the donation as officials of libraries will appreciate it.

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    You should also ask if any library has a wish list of books and then check in your collection. If you have any books that are in the wish list of a library then separate those books and donate to that particular library.

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