How to Draw Medieval Weapons Step by Step

Drawing is something that not many people can do. In fact, it is a skill and a talent that is regarded to be rather rare in people these days. This is why when you run into someone who can draw, you tend to get a little surprised and amazed at the same time. Now art has many types and forms and people tend to draw a wide array of items and articles.

One of the things that people look to try and draw is items from the medieval era. This sees them really take things back a notch or two, as they look to create something rather amazing.

The hardest part of this era is to draw the weapons that were used back then. This is because since no one has actually used or seen those weapons first hand, it is always hard to end up creating something based on what you hear or what the books depict were the type of weapons used back then.


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    The first thing that you need to do when trying to draw medieval weapons is to go on and study just about everything that you can about the time. This is going to ensure that you know more than enough about the weapons before hand, and hence when you try to draw them, you won't end up making any mistakes.

    At the same time, try and get your hands on the images that historians have created for that era as well. This will aid your imagination and creative process and will help you get on par with exactly what you need and ensure that you end up making the best possible weapons.

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    Once you have gone on to learn all that you need to about the weapons, the next step is for you to practice some rough sketches. Go ahead and get your hands to open up on paper, and let them create whatever it is that they wish to.

    This will ensure that you are ready to draw the weapons and will also make sure that you are not out of practice, when drawing them.

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    Now go on and try and draw the weapons based on what you have learned, and try and create a weapon based on that. However, if you need help you can look at the pictures in the history books as reference to your art work.

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